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Rand Herman and FamilyI’ve always been amazed at the beauty of this State. I was raised in Southern Colorado where I spent a large portion of my youth backpacking and exploring the southern mountain ranges of Colorado .

       At the age of 15, I attended the Colorado Outward Bound Mountaineering School.   I spent 30 days in the beautiful Eagles Nest Wilderness with multiple technical crossings of the Gore Mountain Range and a summit of Mount Powell . This was a highlight of my life, and I will always remember the awesome beauty of the area. From that day forward, I knew that the mountains had become part of my soul.  

 At the age of 16, I purchased my first vehicle, a Jeep CJ-5, and expanded my explorations further into the northern and western mountains of Colorado . I’ve climbed several of the 14,000 ft peaks along with various 13,000 ft peaks in the state.

         I married my wife Teresa in 1980 and we would spend the next 20 years of our life exploring the mountains and the desert southwest. As time progressed, I developed the desire to pass on the beauty of the areas we would visit to others. I purchased a Nikon SLR film camera and began trying to capture the beauty of the areas we went. I was often disappointed in the results of my images as they failed to convey the true experience of the location. I began to study the work of Ansel Adams, Galen Rowell, and other photographers to try to improve my photographs. These photographers along with others have helped me with the type of compositions suited to a two dimensional medium. From their instruction, I have been able to develop a different way of “seeing”.  I have also made the transition to digital. With the immediate feedback that digital provides I have seen a marked improvement in my work.     

In 2000 our son Jesse was born. With the new addition to the family, I wasn’t able to spend much time on my photography. Now, at 10 years old, he is developing an interest and love for the “wild places” and is showing some interest in photography. Teresa has also developed an eye for wildflower photography…and is quite good at it. So now, with my wife and son in tow, we are again searching out the beautiful and special places to visit. Our images of these locations will be forthcoming. I will always strive to convey in my images something more than just a picture of a place. I wish to pass along the emotion and awe that I, myself experienced, to capture a moment of time and place that will never again be repeated. That is and will always be my goal in every print I make.

Rand, Teresa and Jesse Herman will be doing business as
Mountain Spirit Photography.

Rand Herman may be reached at
Phone: 719-942-4849
Email: r1herman@bresnan.net

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Sangre de Cristo Antelope
Sangre de Cristo Antelope
Wet Mountai n Valley Windmilling
Wet Mountain Valley Windmill
Sangre de risto Sunset
Sangre de Cristo Sunset

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