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Priscilla Leese

Judy Weyenberg Judy Weyenberg received the majority of her art training through workshops with nationally recognized watercolorists Frank Webb, Tony van Hasselt, Claude Croney and Irving Shapiro.  Judy’s mother, Eneyd Andrews, a very accomplished watercolorist, was always her inspiration and encourager.

Watercolor enables me to use large washes of clear vibrant colors.  It also has the wonderful ability to surprise the artist with just the right amount of lack of control.  Surprises of ten result in a change of direction with the painting.  And, that can be a good thing.  By allowing each wash to dry, another can be added and deeper colors are achieved without ending up with muddy colors. 

I also like to use pastels and my own colored rice papers in my watercolors.


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They Are In There
They Are In There

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